How do I get started?

You can get started today by scheduling a Health Advocacy Session. You will feel listened to and will receive actionable ways to improve your health from one session.

This session is a great way to learn how a functional medicine approach is just what your health and well-being needs. Should we both decide to work together, the cost of this session will be applied toward the first month of your four-month plan.

What is Functional Medicine?

Your diagnosis is a simply a label – it does not tell you why there is dysfunction, nor what to do about it.

The body is a dynamic and complex interconnected system of mind, body, and emotions. In Functional Medicine, the focus is on identification of the root causes of imbalance and dysfunction which involve genetics, environment and often gut inflammation.

What is the cost of this program?

Our program is intended for individuals who desire a personalized, one-to-one, dedicated support. We offer two tiers of support:

  • Two sessions/month for four months – $199.00 per month
  • Four sessions/month for four months – $349.00 per month

We start with a single in-depth Health Advocacy Session. If we both decide that working together will help you achieve your health goals, this fee will be applied to the first month of your plan. A four (4) month commitment is required and includes preferred pricing on functional medicine testing and supplements. Sessions are typically 45 minutes.

How do coaching sessions work?

We will meet on a consistent day and time that is dedicated to you. All sessions take place via video chat. Sessions are typically 30 to 45 minutes each. During these sessions, we will assess your progress, break-through roadblocks and find some very achievable goals!

Once you have become an established client, you’ll get my personal cell number and you can message me anytime. You’ll have 24×7 access through to your health portal which includes assessments, notes, records, plans and protocols regarding your health.

**If you already a client of mine and have had a session in the last three (3) months, you are eligible for a discount. Please email me for details.**

Are specialty tests included?

Functional testing is in-depth testing which helps to illuminate a comprehensive picture of your health and focuses on the root cause of your concerns. As part of your health coaching plan, tests may be suggested or recommended.

Functional testing includes tests which assess:

  • food and environmental sensitivities
  • advanced hormone testing
  • cortisol awakening response
  • gastrointestinal and microbiome health
  • organic acids (for gut health and neurotransmitter levels)
  • heavy metals (for toxicity and nutrient levels)
  • cellular nutrition
  • blood chemistry

Are supplements included?

You’ll have access to preferred pricing on our professional dispensaries and supplement recommendations at no additional costs. This benefit will continue even if you have completed your care plan!


Do you provide primary care?

You’ll need to maintain your relationship with your primary care physician. Health coaching is not a replacement for medical care and is not considered medical advice, nor does it provide diagnosis and treatment.


Can I use my HSA card?

Yes! We can provide you with a super bill/invoice for your records. My NPI number is 1952815441 and I am registered as a Health Educator.

Start Your Healing

Reach out today to get started. We look forward to talking with you soon.