Stories Are The Heart of Health

The story of your life tells a story about your health. Your timeline makes all the difference, and it is why you are unique.

Providing generous time, compassionate emotional space and full presences allows you to tell your unique story. This process helps us understand your concerns, untangle complexities and offer new insight about healing. You will finally feel heard.

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I’ve been called a Medical Detective, a Heath Navigator, a Patient Advocate.

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone when your health gets confusing and starts to feel overwhelming. Someone who will listen deeply, ask insightful questions and offer straight-forward advice, recommendations, suggestions and ideas.
This is a single session for you to share your health journey. I’ll listen and offer  support, guidance and lifestyle education on testing options, rest, exercise, nutrition, supplement use and stress reduction. Additionally, you’ll receive a 25% Discount on Supplements and 10% Off Code for Future Health Coaching. 
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