How to Use / Point Scale

Rate each of the following symptoms based upon your health for the past thirty (30) days on a scale of 0 to 4.

  • 0 = Never, or almost never have the symptom
  • 1 = Occasionally have it, effect is not severe
  • 2 = Occasionally have, effect is severe
  • 3 = Frequently have it, effect is not severe
  • 4 = Frequently have it, effect is severe

This interactive form will return a score for each section and a grand total upon completion. Be sure to look at your score before clearing the page as results are not cached.

Results Key to Questionnaire

  • Optimal Health – Less than 10
  • Mild Toxicity – 10 to 50
  • Moderate Toxicity: 50-100
  • Severe Toxicity: over 100

Medical Advice Disclaimer


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