A new way of approaching your health

Health Coaching + Functional Medicine

Real health doesn’t come from just another to-do list, self-help book, or willpower. You may not find it magically written on a prescription pad or in over-the-counter medication either.

The actual reason you haven’t been able to get healthy isn’t about your willpower or finding the right doctor. It’s because modern medicine focuses on suppressing symptoms rather than healing your body.

And let’s be honest here . . .

Crap food, unrelenting stress and toxins aren’t helping matters!

To heal your body, you first have to find out what’s not working.

Where traditional medicine treats symptoms, functional medicine identifies the source of illness and restores healthy function to enable the body to eliminate illness.

Add some vision work, goal setting, taking small steps and accountability (that’s the coaching part), you can discover your optimal health and wellness.

Your body is powerful.

Has your health become a constant barrier to everything you hoped to do, achieve and experience? You do not have accept dis-ease. You do not have to be in pain. You do not have to be sick. You can heal your body.

Functional medicine is a science-based process focusing on the root cause of why you don’t feel good anymore.

What health coaching is not about  – Temporary solutions that don’t address or resolve the underlying cause of your symptoms.

What functional medicine coaching is about  – Getting to the root cause of your symptoms and implementing lifestyle changes so your body can heal – and you can be excited about life again!

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Founded on Solid Principles

Our programs are founded on the principles of Positive Psychology, Integrative Health, Functional Medicine, Mindset Coaching and the Duke Integrative Medicine Wheel of Health.


Heal Wisely

I believe that asking the right question and listening carefully to the answer can make all the difference in uncovering the root cause of health concerns.  Once the root cause is lluminated, a comprehensive approach to health includes the following:


How To Find Your Functional Medicine Practitioner

Health Coaching is a beautiful, collaborative process between Practitioner and Client. Being effective in this profession takes a certain amount of skill beyond that of just being a friendly listener. It takes asking the right questions at the right time to help my clients find their own personal insight into their health.

Our whole person approach helps you learn what is important in your life and what desires to be strengthened. It’s an eye-opening, sometimes challenging process – and well worth it. Through a heart-forward approach, you’ll find action, clarity and purpose in your pursuit for optimal wellness.




What is Functional Medicine?

Your diagnosis (for example, hypothyroidism) is a reflection of where in your body the dysfunction is showing up (the thyroid) as your body responds to its external environment. In Functional Medicine, we view the body as a dynamic and complex interconnected system of mind, body, and emotions. Emphasis is placed on identification of areas of imbalance or dysfunction in normal physiology.

How does health coaching work?

Your Heal Wisely™ plan will include functional evaluations and testing that illuminate the root cause of illness. Your sessions are focused on lifestyle changes which include personalized nutrition protocols, stress reduction practices, movement and exercise recommendations, and professional-grade supplements where needed.

How soon can I start?

You can get started today by scheduling a Health Advocacy Session. You will feel listened to and will receive actionable ways to improve your health from one session. It’s a great way to learn how a functional medicine approach is just what your health and well-being needs.

How do coaching sessions work?

All sessions take place via Google Meet or phone (if you prefer). Once you have become an established client, you can self-schedule your visits, message me anytime, and have 24×7 access to notes, records and protocols regarding your health improvement plan.

Do you prescribe or arrange for testing?

Based on your health history and the results of assessments that you will complete at the start of your coaching program, there may be functional tests which can provide helpful insights as to the cause of your health concerns. These tests (often blood and urine tests) assess underlying causes of illness including food sensitivities, nutrient levels, stress levels, heavy metal exposure, hormones, and gastrointestinal dysfunction. Sometimes tests are helpful, and other times, we can learn the root cause from information you provide, and even lab tests you have already done.

I’m not ready to embark (yet!) with health coaching. Can you still help me?

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone when your health gets confusing – and get straight-forward advice, recommendations, suggestions and ideas. A Health Advocacy Session is a single session that gives you space and time to ask your most pressing healthcare questions. This session also provides support and lifestyle education on rest, exercise, nutrition, supplement use and stress reduction.

Can I use my essential oils as part of program?

Many of my clients would like to integrate their essential oils into their healing plan. I will definitely support you in the safe and proper usage of plant therapies, including high-quality essential oils, herbs and other natural therapies.

How much do your programs cost?

Unlike other “health coaches” who use pre-recorded materials, group sessions and other ways to deliver information, my programs are intended for those who desire dedicated, one-to-one, personalized attention to support their unique healing journey.

It starts with a single Health Advocacy Session ($125.00). If we both decide we are a great fit to achieve your health goals, my programs start at $3,500.