Frequently Asked Questions

What is “functional medicine”?In functional medicine, the focus is on determining the HOW and WHY illness occurs. In this light, the body is viewed as a dynamic and complex interconnected system of mind, body, and emotions. Emphasis is placed on identification of areas of imbalance or dysfunction in normal physiology; rather than an extremely specialized diagnosis.

Functional medicine is individualizedpatient-centered and science-based.  This form of healing empowers clients and practitioners to work together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness. It requires a detailed understanding of your genetic, biochemical and lifestyle factors and can address the often complex causes of disease.

The goal is to address the underlying causes of dis-ease, to keep looking upstream and find true, long-lasting healing and recovery rather than just symptom management. A functional view of health means that health is measured along a wellness continuum, which is a spectrum moving from dis-ease back to health.

How does coaching help with health challenges?In so many ways!  There are many contributors to optimal wellness including nutrition, medications, early events in your life, environmental exposure and how we feel about ourselves. In addressing many of life issues, health may naturally begin to find its way to improvement.

I can help you identify those often unrecognized barriers standing in your way of health and help you clear those out.  If health challenges are considered permanent, integrative health coaching can help with acceptance of a new diagnosis and how to live your life as fully in the face of a chronic or terminal situation.

Because of my personal history and experience with autoimmune challenges, I offer a free private Facebook group for women with autoimmune conditions in addition to individualized client care.Why should I select you as my Integrative + Functional Medicine Coach?Great question! I do believe you should do your homework before investing your time, money and health with any type of coach!  Why I think WE could be a match –

  1. I’m far from perfect. My heart comes from a place of personal health struggles too. I understand how what you have been through in terms of your health probably has been traumatic and unsettling, bringing fear of the unknown, fear of making the right choices, fear of not getting well, along with the stress of actually getting through these various changes. Health is more than medicine; it comes with a strong need for emotional support. I can help you work on simple, yet powerful, lifestyle changes to help you feel like you are on solid ground  – and help you have a voice in directing your health recovery. It is liberating and emotionally strengthening to take back even small controls at a time where everything may feel out of control.  I believe my own experience in being ill makes me empathetic, compassionate and understanding when working with you.
  2. I believe in progress, not perfection. I don’t set a bar so high for you that you’ll never reach it. In fact, I don’t set the bar. You do and I help you set a bar that is do-able!  Impossible goals can often make a person feel unaccomplished and defeated. We will celebrate small victories together as we set reasonable and achievable goals!
  3. I’m older and wiser and yet young.  I’m old enough to have years of experience, education (formal and otherwise), and wise enough to put it all together in a way that helps you. And still young enough to be open to new concepts, new learnings, and new ideas.
  4. I walk the talk. Except for being perfectly imperfect, I surround my life with the exact concepts that you’ll find in our programs. I wouldn’t recommend it to you if it hasn’t worked for me and countless other individuals.
  5. I have the right training and credentials. There are countless “coaches” out there and especially on the Internet. Many of these programs are “certifications” from online programs without true accreditation. I started my healthcare education at the University of Arizona, completed my Masters at California State University and also have my Integrative Health Coach training from Duke University, Applied Functional Medicine  (AFMP) training from The School of Applied Functional Medicine. Additionally, I have my Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) from the Institute for Functional Medicine. I am also board certified in Holistic Nutrition as a Holistic Health Practitioner.
  6. And most importantly, I’m always learning. For you and for me and because there is still so much to discover about how the human body works.

What changes do I have to make in my life?An integral component of Integrative + Functional Health is supporting you through the adopting and sustaining lifestyle behaviors that can improve your health and quality of life, such as eliminating tobacco use, improving diet, practicing stress relief techniques, and increasing physical activity. Poor lifestyle choices are most often the root cause of modern chronic diseases. Scientific evidence is clear – adults with common chronic conditions who adhere to a healthy lifestyle experience rapid, significant, clinically meaningful and sustainable improvements in their health.What is the role of testing in functional medicine?Testing information helps tremendously in the healing process. You are a unique individual and by sharing your lab results, we can pinpoint nutrient deficiencies more quickly and accurately.  I can help you learn what tests may be helpful to identify the root cause of your concerns, as well as use those findings to develop an individualized treatment plan to heal the root cause of bodily symptoms, imbalances, and dysfunctions.

Functional medicine uses modern laboratory testing to assess the functional ability of the three major body systems: the neuroendocrine function, digestion, and the detox pathways. Once the tests have identified the origin of disease, supplements and lifestyle change are used to correct disease and permanently restore health and vitality.

I will work with you to get lab work through your primary care physician, or at your option, arrange for direct lab and functional health testing. Your tests will be based on your individualized concerns and concerns identified through the discovery process.

If you are unable to afford lab testing, we can still work together. It may just take more time, some experimentation and your commitment to improving your health.Will I be taking supplements?Alon with diet suggestions,  I will often suggest supplements from suppliers who meet very stringent sourcing and quality standards. I want to help you restore balance and health and often supplements can help resolve nutrient deficiencies and imbalances in your immune system.How does the process work?Health coaching begins with a Deep Dive Discovery Session. This initial consultation lasts anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half and  is devoted to your unique needs with ample time for you to share your story and ask questions. Our session includes a review of your health history (including labs, supplements, procedures), review of your detailed symptoms, dietary history, and specific goals – and the interconnectedness of your symptoms and challenges.

I will share my expertise with you regarding any suspected nutrient deficiencies or excesses, hormone imbalances, underlying infections, digestive issues, impaired detoxification, metabolic problems, environmental triggers or deeper health issues.

After our conversation, I will send you a follow-up summary of your Deep Dive Discovery Session and provide specific action steps that will help you as you continue your wellness journey.

My signature Wellness Transformation Program is for clients who wish to tackle the issues and root causes uncovered in the Deep Dive Discovery Session. This three-month functional medicine-based program includes weekly sessions  focused on creating and implementing a step-by-step personalized treatment plan which includes nutrition, mind/body wellness, supplements, functional medicine and lab testing, stress management and lifestyle protocols – based on your unique biochemistry. Please contact me to inquire about availability and enrollment.

Whatever you want to achieve and whatever barriers you want to breakthrough – that is what we will work on together.Where are sessions held?At Life Hub Center, I offer several ways for us to connect. From online/virtual visits to telephone visits to in-person visits, you can get the coaching in the manner that works for you.Do you accept insurance?At this time, health counseling, coaching and advocacy is not generally a covered benefit under insurance plans whether commercial or governmental (Medicare, Medicaid). However, depending on (1) the health and medical conditions you are seeking support for; (2) and the services you receive (i.e., for weight loss, smoking cessation, nutritional support), the services may be considered a Qualified Medical Expense under current IRS guidelines.

As a Health Educator, I do have a National Provider Identifier (1952815441) and will provide you with a copy of your paid invoice upon request for your submission to your High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or for consideration for an out-of-network benefit.

These links are provided for you convenience only and are not a warranty or guarantee of any payment or reimbursement. If you have specific questions about tax deductions or medical reimbursement, please check with your tax advisor or benefits administrator.

Common Eligible Expenses

IRS Qualified Medical + Dental Expenses 2017

IRS Code Section 213(d) FSA Eligible Medical ExpensesHow do I get started working with you?To get started, just email me at or to pop on my calendar, you can schedule here.