Addiction is a Brain Disease. Cravings are Symptoms.

Addiction recovery treatment includes emotional and therapeutic practices including counselors, 12-step meetings, Smart Recovery, and other psycho-social practices.

More is being discovered about addiction recovery. Findings from clinical neuroscience research have shown addiction to be a complex disease of the brain and behavior from which people can recover with treatment, as with most medical diseases (National Institute on Drug Abuse).

There is a fundamental gap in our recovery methods. I’ve experienced many individuals trying to “muscle” their way through addiction – meeting by meeting, day by day, minute-by-minute. Those individuals suffer which incredible self-blame if they can’t get their cravings under control. The physical aspect of cravings can often be a barrier to long-term recovery.

There is another way.

By providing the brain with the nourishment it needs, the body is restored to balance and given the keys to recovery from all addictions.

Introducing: Craving Recovery Program

In my Craving Recovery Program, the focus will be on restoring depleted neurotransmitters. Nutrient therapy rebuilds low neurotransmitter stores using amino acids and other nutrients very quickly, without drugs, leading to a decrease in cravings and improved mood.

Depleted Neurotransmitters Can Lead to Addiction

Depleted neurotransmitters lead to stressful emotions and the inability to deal with stress gracefully. This often leads to the use of mood-altering chemicals and behaviors to (temporarily) feel better. 

Use of substances and addictive behaviors further deplete neurotransmitters, which often leads to greater use of substances (see the vicious cycle?).  Repetitive use of substances (food, behaviors, additive drugs and alcohol) lead to tolerance and increased use. Immediate cessation of these addictive substances leads to severe withdrawal symptoms. 

There is a way to feed the brain using nutrient therapy to minimize physiological cravings leading to addiction.

If you are ready to be free of the physical cravings that are compromising your recovery from addiction, reach out for a Complimentary Session and learn how Nutrient Therapy can help you.